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In early 2010, life threw me a sharp curve ball.
I was inducted into that dreaded "C"-club.

From the moment I had my suspicions, to the first time I walked into the chemo treatment ward, right up until today, I've had questions, and doubts.  My natural curiousity has forced me to ask most of the questions I've had - and I've been able to get many answers. Some of them help, some don't.  Quite frankly, there are some things that can't be answered. That's what this is all about.

On my journey (and believe me, I'm still on it) I looked for a resource like this, but I couldn't find it. There are many, many, great web-sites and organizations that provided a lot of help, but I found there was something missing.  Where is the hope?  Where are the success stories?

I did have great support from friends, family and my medical team, but I always saw them as the healthy ones.  I wanted inspiration from someone who'd been there - someone who felt the same way I did when the Dr. gave me the details.  I needed proof that it can be done.  I needed to hear that I wasn't alone.  That's why I'm doing this.

There is a great divide between how the world sees cancer and how I think it should be seen.(For those who may be interested in my personal journey you can read my blog here.) Cancer, as I have learned, isn't always about being at the end.  It can be about a brave new beginning.  It was- it "is", for me. I hope it happens for you...


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